Everything is Green and Submarine
22 years of age, in my penultimate year at Ohio University.
Proud mountain-hugging Appalachian.
Composer, performer, listener— all of which are separate occupations, if you do them with truth.
Expect any and all of my creative produce to make an appearance.


Glenn Gould: in the Zone with Bach

Somewhat inexplicably, this Robert Krulwich feature appeared as a science feature on NPR, but as he points out, a genius “in the zone,” playing at a level of is or her own, is no mystery to basketball players or musical greats. Here, documentarian Bruno Monsaingeon captures Glenn Gould in the zone, working out the opening Sinfonia of J.S. Bach’s Partita No. 2 for keyboard. Watching Gould here, I think of another brilliant and frequent inhabitant of the zone, Thelonious Monk — although Monk didn’t need assistance from Bach for his flights. Whether or not you agree, you don’t need to think of what you see here, or what you see in Monk’s video footage, as a science lesson. I, for one, prefer to simply marvel.

-Nick Moy

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