Everything is Green and Submarine
22 years of age, in my penultimate year at Ohio University.
Proud mountain-hugging Appalachian.
Composer, performer, listener— all of which are separate occupations, if you do them with truth.
Expect any and all of my creative produce to make an appearance.


Encouraging news for all who let their modifiers dangle: “A stickler insists that we never let a participle dangle, that you can’t say, ‘Turning the corner, a beautiful view awaited me’ … But if you look either at the history of great writing and language as it’s been used by its exemplary stylists, you find that they use dangling modifiers all the time. And if you look at the grammar of English you find that there is no rule that prohibits a dangling modifier … it was pretty much pulled out of thin air by one usage guide a century ago and copied into every one since.”

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